Open 7 days


10:00 pm

Every Friday from

9th December 2016

Crush have been together since 2009. The band consists of Penny Lane on Drums,Phil Francis on guitar and Phil O’Neill on keyboards. They play a range of different types of music,including Led Zeppelin,Pink Floyd Dire Straits, Queen,ELO,Metallica,The Killers etc. They also play Irish,country,reggae and if they are in the right mood,will attempt anything you throw at them.

Some of the band have been session musicians on Venezuelan T.V. Some have played with mighty rock legends and appeared on classic rock albums Some have played in some of Irelands top bands.

How did an Englishman,an Irishman and a Venezuelan woman,get together to form a band? That’s one of the most popular questions they are asked. Another popular one is,do you like it here? Did Penny play in another band?

Come and see the band,and ask them yourselves. You might get a few daft answers but You will have a good night out.